New Vegetable Garden Journal Functionality

OCT 07
We're please to announce our newest feature for our free Vegetable Garden Journal tool. Previously you could only view garden and plant notes you had entered from the garden or plant page itself. We've now added a consolidated view so you can view all your notes in one place. You can also easily filter by date range, specific gardens, or even specific plants.

You can access the new consolidated journal by clicking the "Your Journal" link in the brown navigation bar at the top of your account. Editing the filters is easy and just requires you to click on the "Edit Journal Filters" link at the top of the "Your Journal" page.

Once you set up filters you can also save them for later use, allowing you to easily pull up settings that are regularly used without having to go through the process of setting up filters. This way all the garden notes you've added can be easily accessed.

Hopefully this new consolidated garden notes page will allow you to easily see all the information you have entered about your gardens and plants in one easy-to-use place.

We are currently working on more improvements for the Vegetable Garden Journal tool and we will keep you updated as we launched them. Please let us know if there are specific things you'd like to see us work on as well. Thanks.

A great layout tool for all your gardening needs! You can go try a 30 Day Free Trial or read our review.