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Chicory Stat Summary

Plant Spacing: 3-4" (76-101 mm)
Row Spacing: 12-24" (304-609 mm)
Planting Depth: 1/4" (6 mm)
Plants Per Person: 2
Soil Temperature: 60-80°F (16-27°C)
Days to Emergence: 6-10
Recommended Soil PH: 6.0-6.8
Seed Indoors: 8 weeks before transplanting
Earliest Outdoor Planting: After Last Frost
Tick Can direct seed outdoors
Tick Can seed indoors

Planting Chicory

Prefers well drained fertile soils with a pH of 6.0 and 6.8 that are well prepared with plenty of organic matter. Start seeds indoors about 6 to 8 weeks prior to the last frost. Sow seeds in a sterile growing medium in clean containers; water and cover the container with plastic until after germination is complete.

Optimal seedling growth can be attained by hanging indoor lighting fixtures. After the 2nd set of true leaves appear begin to harden off before transplanting Chicory. To direct sow into the garden, plant seeds 1/4 inch deep and spaced 3 to 4 inches apart.

Growing Chicory

After seeding or transplanting keep soil moist and well weeded. Monthly feedings of a complete fertilizer will produce abundant foliage with maximum flavor.

Harvesting and Storing Chicory

Harvest as needed for fresh use. For preserving, harvest at peak maturity. Hang small bunches from the ceiling in a dry dark location with good ventilation for 1 to 2 weeks.

Chicory Insect and Disease Information

Aphids can become a problem with chicory; remove insects from plants with a hard spray of water. Root rot and mildew can affect chicory if soil is allowed to remain too damp.

Chicory Yield Information

No yield information for Chicory.
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